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View historic videos from Gerald R. Ford’s time as the 38th President of the United States and biographical videos on the legacy of Gerald R. Ford and Betty Ford.

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National Geographic Educational Resources

Visit National Geographic to watch the documentary, Gerald R. Ford: a Test of Character in its entirety and use interactive learning activities with topics include presidential decision-making, the resettlement of Vietnamese refugees, the Helsinki Accords, and more.


Pre- and Post- Visit Activities

Extend the learning opportunities for your students! Our education team has created correlating resources and activities for you to use both before and after your visit. If you or your students are unable to visit, please feel free to explore our resources and incorporate them into your curriculum.

President Ford makes remarks at the Wreath-Laying Ceremony at the Lincoln Memorial on the Occasion of Abraham Lincoln's Birthday, February 12, 1976.


Explore photos of President and Mrs. Ford from their early days to the post-Presidency years on the Gerald R. Ford Presidential Foundation’s Flickr page

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Digital Archives

Explore and use President Ford Swearing-In historic documents as primary sources in your classroom such as the President’s Daily Diary from August 9, 1974, White House memorandums, and President Nixon’s resignation letter, amongst others.


Library and Museum Artifact Collection

Visit the Gerald R. Ford Presidential Library & Museum website to view artifacts from President Ford’s life and Presidency.


President Ford Swearing-In Artifacts

Explore artifacts related to President Gerald R. Ford’s Swearing-In as the 38th President of the United States on August 9, 1974.


Gerald R. Ford Oral History Project

Browse through over 160 interviews conducted with Ford Family members, friends of President and Mrs. Ford, President Ford’s colleagues in the U.S. Congress, former Cabinet and White House Staff members of the Ford Administration, and numerous others.

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Operation Babylift

Follow a timeline during the collapse of South Vietnam in Spring 1975, when President Gerald R. Ford ordered the evacuation of Vietnamese orphans from Saigon in the face of a massive North Vietnamese offensive. Operation Babylift evacuated more than 3,000 orphans.


Museum Scavenger Hunt

While touring the Gerald R. Ford Presidential Museum, students can play the “President Gerald R. Ford Photo Bingo Activity”. With photos representing Ford’s growing up in Grand Rapids to serving as the 38th President, students can find all of the items in the Museum during their visit.

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Lesson Plans

This page contains downloadable lesson plans, documents, and presentations to use in your classroom.

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Virtual Tour of Grand Rapids

Take a virtual tour of Grand Rapids to explore the many locations and events that played a role in shaping our 38th President’s life through the Gerald R. Ford ‘Map-n-Tour’ interactive app.

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PBS LearningMedia Resources

Virtually visit the Gerald R. Ford Presidential Museum to learn about President Ford and the era in which he served


Advise the President: Deliberations from the Classroom to the Cabinet Room

Click here to access the “Advise the President: Gerald R. Ford” guide. Students should read pages 1-7 before their Museum visit. Students should NOT read beyond page 7.”

March 25, 1975 – The White House – Oval Office – Gerald R. Ford – at desk, hand on chin; reflected in glass on desk

Three Branches of Government

Click here for pre- and post- visit packet.


Amending the Constitution

Click here for pre- and post- visit packet.