Extend the learning opportunities for your students!
Our education team has created correlating resources and activities for you to use both before and after your visit.
Unable to visit? Please feel free to explore our resources and incorporate them into your curriculum.
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Planting Seeds of Character: How Perseverance Shaped a Future President

  • President Ford & Me Venn diagram – download PDF
  • I Can be President, Too! Worksheet – download PDF
  • Have a discussion about perseverance and determination using the story of Nick Vujicic, a motivational speaker who was born without arms or legs – watch video
  • Share the inspirational true story of Olympic runner Derek Redmond – watch video
  • Take a virtual tour of President Ford’s early years in Grand Rapids – Map-n-Tour link

Citizenship in Action: Learning from the Example of President Ford and Living Your Civic Duty

  • Click here to locate your State Senators and Congressional Representatives – go to website
  • Click here to explore the Electoral College using this video from Kahn Academy – go to website
Ford and Willis Ward

Taking a Stand: Making Choices with Integrity

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Profile of Courage: How Betty Ford Used her Voice to Enact Positive Change

  • Click here for “Betty Ford: the Real Deal” interactive video lesson – go to website
  • Click here to learn more about the Equal Rights Amendment – go to website