Hear what teachers have to say about our programs and get a glimpse of what students are doing!

The DeVos Learning Center opened in Spring 2016, and is a multi-million dollar addition supported by the Gerald R. Ford Presidential Foundation. It provides a state-of-the-art learning space for students visiting the Gerald R. Ford Presidential Museum in Grand Rapids, Michigan. Here, learners of all ages will engage in interactive and meaningful programs that seek to instill the qualities of President and Mrs. Ford: character, integrity, public service, and civic education.

Our Foundation’s education team has carefully designed programs with the needs of your students in mind. Classes provide an opportunity to learn about character through the lens of historical events and are aligned with State and Common Core standards. Students will use the latest in educational technology to interact with the Museum while learning from primary sources such as artifacts, documents, photographs, and video that tell the story of our 38th President. Visitors will gain an understanding of the events that ultimately shaped the character of the man who would come to lead our nation during a tumultuous time in history and return integrity to the White House.

This video features what teachers have to say about our programs at the DeVos Learning Center, and get a glimpse of what students are doing inside the classrooms. We want to empower young people to be leaders and be change-makers in their own community, while learning from President and Mrs. Ford.