July 13, 2016
First student group participates in Foundation’s new education program at the DeVos Learning Center


Students from Grand Rapids Public Schools’ Vocal Music Workshop

On July 13, the first group of students to participate in the Foundation’s new educational programs was welcomed to the DeVos Learning Center at the Gerald R. Ford Presidential Museum. A summer learning group from Vocal Music Workshop brought 18 middle school students from Grand Rapids Public Schools to learn, explore, and be inspired.

The program focused on what it means to be an engaged citizen, regardless of your age. Students used i-pads to explore the new Museum exhibits and create their own e-books that showcased examples of the ways President Ford engaged in his community and displayed good citizenship.

By taking photos and writing their own text, the middle-schoolers were able to collect the information they learned and  share it with their teachers and classmates in a very interactive way.

The students worked hard and had fun doing it, too – in fact, they are already making plans to return! One student summed it up: on the last page of his book, he included a photo of his classmates. The text read: “If President Ford hadn’t done all of these things, who would inspire us?”